Spotlight on British Theatre

SAT | 6.5. | 6 pm
Spotlight on British Theatre
Showings & Talk

This event features two short performances and a talk with the artists. Both artists will be present to talk to you about their work.

Photo: Rebecca Lupton & Ivan Pieri Gonzalez – picture in frame by Ahmed ElHassan

What would happen if a nuclear bomb exploded over Mannheim? It depends on the type of bomb, the altitude, and the direction of the wind. All this can be played out on a website called Nukemap. Chris Thorpe does just that in A Family Business. His newest piece was produced and developed by China Plate and Staatstheater Mainz, where it premiered in December 2022. Chris is now working on a solo show adaption of A Family Business and HEREANDNOW gets an exclusive glimpse of his work in progress (approx. 45 min.).

Photo: Graham Clayton-Chance

In as british as a watermelon Zimbabwean-born writer and performer mandla is scrambling to piece together a life mostly forgotten in order to survive. Though mandla may seem absent-minded, the artist’s body is keeping score. This work explores mandla’s fragmented memories of a childhood filled with displacement and disassociation, soothed by Christian hymns and isiNdebele folk songs. The artist will perform a short excerpt from as british as a watermelon (approx. 25 min.). You are invited to watch as mandla rises from the dead to reclaim a misplaced power.

The event will be held in English.

DATE May 6, 6 pm

(We will show the 60-minute film version of as british as a watermelon
on Friday 5 May at 8pm)

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