A Family Business

SAT | 6.5. | 6 pm
A Family Business
Showing by Chris Thorpe, presented during Spotlights on British Theatre

We don’t really talk about nuclear weapons much. Even though they accompany us everywhere. Invisible guests in cafés, on the shelves of supermarkets, in line at the cash machine. Guests that could destroy all of that and more in a second.

‚A Family Business‘ explores this hidden threat and looks at the people who do talk about them. How do ordinary people communicate about extraordinarily  important issues? And what if those ordinary people were us?

WRITTEN BY Chris Thorpe
DEVELOPED WITH Rachel Chavkin and Lekan Lawal
DIRECTED BY Claire O’Reilly

Produced and developed by Staatstheater Mainz and China Plate

Supported by Warwick Arts Centre and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


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